A creative haven: Exploring Romy's Founder and Designer, Emma Petterwood's Home

A creative haven: Exploring Romy's Founder and Designer:
Emma Petterwood's Home – The birthplace of Romy's inspiration


Romy draws inspiration from architecture, art, and contemporary culture - in particular, Founder and Creative Director, Emma Petterwood’s personal haven and the art that adorns her walls.


  In 2019 Emma embarked on her first large scale creative project, renovating her picturesque 70s bungalow nestled in the quiet streets of Hobart, as envisioned by Melbourne Designer David Flack of Flack Studio. 


This journey truly embedded Emma’s love for design and sustainability, which paved the way to Romy. 


“It is the artwork that surrounds me each day that serve as a wellspring of creative energy, shaping Romy's essence through our captivating prints and exclusive artist collaborations.” – Emma Petterwood




Take a look behind the scenes of Romy's latest Spring '23 Photoshoot


Paying homage to the inspiration and heart of our brand, Romy photoshoots take place in Emma’s home, featuring the art adorned walls from which our brand was born.