The Face of Romy: Meet Thaniscia

The Face of Romy: Meet Thaniscia 


Get to know Thaniscia Patricio, our model search competition winner of the ‘Face of Romy’, in 5-minutes. 


What modelling experience did you have before applying for ‘The Face of Romy’?

It took me a year after being signed to book my first modelling gig, which was for the first Tasmanian Fashion Festival runway show. The event provided me with many new connections that led to more opportunities. This year, I have participated in various photoshoots, including for Tasmanian labels such as Mason Hats and Frahn Bridal. The latter resulted in my first print appearance for Isle Weddings, which was a major milestone for me. I’ve had so many opportunities over this past year and I'm excited to see where modelling takes me in the future. 


What made you want to peruse modelling?

Modelling became my first dream job when I was five. I guess because my five-year-old self wanted to look as flawless as the supermodels from the Victoria Secret Fashion Shows and Miss Universe pageants my mum would use to make me watch. As I got older, I didn't take the modelling dream seriously anymore, but family friends would always say that I'd make a great model, probably because I was considered tall for a Filipino aha. It wasn't until I heard about an open casting call two years ago that I decided to turn my childhood dream into a reality. Although I didn't book the gig, that was where I happened to be scouted by my current agency, Harvey James Management, and decided to sign with them months later. For me, modelling has helped me find my confidence, and that's why I continue to pursue it. 


The face of Romy the brand model search winner 

Like us, you’re from Tasmania - What are your top three places to visit in Tasmania?

I have a soft spot for art and museums, so MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) is my top favourite place to visit every now and then. I also love spending time at Bicheno, especially during the warm months, and Cradle Mountain.


What would we find you doing on your ideal day off?

My ideal day off would be a day where I have no work, no school assignments, and no responsibilities whatsoever. I would choose to spend that day at home sitting on the couch watching movies, ideally with my younger sister, till late at night. That’s it. That probably sounds so unexciting, but that’s when I’m truly at peace.


How would you describe your personal style?

I believe my style radiates refinement and confidence. My wardrobe is versatile, minimalistic, and full of neutral colours. I like to invest in staple pieces that are timeless, allowing me to create sleek outfits that can be easily dressed up or down. Even with basic clothing items, I wear simple looks that still look sophisticated and put together. I always like to wear gold jewellery and sunnies just to elevate the look and keep it from being too casual. 


Face of romy model competition winner